The Seldon Plan
The Seldon Plan

So here’s what a couple other bands are doing to push through these economic times.



“The model of touring [involving a bus and several weeks of shows scheduled across the country] is gone. The recession has made it so that bands have to focus on their geographical areas, which is regionalizing music. We’ll connect with people because we share a geographical location.”   – Michael Nestor of  The Seldon Plan

Tour with a job.  Work your 9-5 and go out of town on the other days of the week.  Maybe you can work out a deal with your employer where you’re working part-time or 40 hours on 4 days of the week instead of 5.  Just because funds are limited doesn’t mean you can’t travel.



“We’re looking to do as a group what we might not be able to do alone. So, moreso than in the past, we’re trying to form collectives and build entertainment experiences around those collectives rather than just solo artists.”  Sam Jacobs of The Flying Change

This is such an excellent idea. Form a collective.  Work off of each other.  Especially if you’re a solo artists, consider forming some type of partnership with other like-minded artists.  Tour together. Instead of booking a show on your own, book for your collective. Networking is key.