Hannah Acfield

THE ARTIST: Hannah Acfield (Brisbane, Australia)
THE QUESTION: How do I get my fans to buy pre-sale tickets?

THE ANSWER: Hey readers, we would love to know some tactics that have worked for you in pre-selling tickets. Put your thoughts in the comments section below. In the meantime, Hannah, here are a few thoughts.

This question reminds me of an article we wrote 6 month ago about whether its even worth it to pre-sell tickets: SHOULD I AVOID SHOWS THAT REQUIRE ME TO SELL ADVANCE TICKETS? Most  artist who commented, myself included, don’t think these shows pay off. I’d suggest checking out the link and seeing what people had to say. But lets just assume that you’ve already decided to do the show and now you need some tips on proceeding.

Very few people will pay $10 for a show if they can go to next week’s show for free. So make sure this show is a notch above your others.  If you don’t play with a band often, make this one a special full-band show. Or incorporate an element that will make it worth their money…so that they’ll be sorry to miss it.

Pre-selling tickets takes alot of effort. It takes more convincing than the average show because it requires someone to spend money on something that’s not yet tangible…and who wants to spend money when there’s no immediate return – especially if there’s a chance they’ll have to cancel (just playing the devil’s advocate here). So make sure that, if you’re pre-selling tickets for this month’s show, you won’t be knocking on fans’ doors in 5 weeks pre-selling yet another batch of tickets for yet another show.  It will be tiring for you and your fans.

How long is your set?  If you’re only playing 3 songs at this show that could be one reason fans aren’t committing to buying a ticket. Or maybe its a work night instead of a weekend. Or maybe its too far away and they’d rather wait for a cheaper show that’s closer to home. There are so many little factors that people quickly turn into excuses. So its important to sell tickets for the bigger, more central, more exciting, bigger opportunities – so that fans believe they are buying into something special…not just another show. Yea, this is similar to point #1 :)

We suggest checking out AN INTERVIEW WITH YOURS TRULY. They’ve got some great tips on creating fan incentives.

The best of luck to you!