1. You can create your own artwork, exactly when you want it, and exactly how you want it. Biggest and best reason of all time!

2. You save money. You don’t have to pay anyone to design business cards, show posters, flyers, and even aspects of your website, etc.

3. You can be a chameleon. You can change up your visual style as often as you want. I’ve personally noticed that fans are interested in a regularly updated “fresh” look.

4. You begin to understand what makes one thing aesthetically better than another. Picking up on coloring, positioning, and lighting will make you a better artist. Seriously.

5. It will help you solidify your “image”. When you know what you like, you will create consistent artwork and images that smoothly translate your LIVE performance personality to your visual/web personality.

6. You can edit photography. Have a press photo with a huge wisp of hair sticking straight up? Whip out Photoshop and get rid of that thing before you toss out the idea of using what could have been the most excellent press photo in all the world!

7. You can actually make money off it (by designing for others).

8. It’s not hard. It just takes practice and patience.

9. You will be more efficient. Nothing like learning how to do a very important job that will translate into every part of your music career. Everything revolves around artwork  – FB Events, business cards, Show posters, flyers…etc.

10. The possibilities are limitless.

Yea, Photoshop is expensive. But they offer a free 30 day trial that is worth checking out.  And remember, good representation is everything. You can’t judge a book by its cover, by you can certainly buy one. Artwork is everything!

You should also check out Picnik. It’s significantly cheaper (as in free!) but won’t let you do even a fraction of what Photoshop does. In addition, it’s not a downloadable software so you will have to work through the website when creating/editing. It’s good for the simpler things.