We had someone anonymously send us this question last week…and we’re glad they did!  Having to spend out-of-pocket money on health insurance is probably the bane of most artists’ existence. Still, its a necessity. We decided to ask some full-time touring artist what they do. Check our PART 2 of this post

ily Aimy (Baltimore, MD)
Heather from IlyAimy here. Rob and I buy our own, and have since we started touring 8 years ago. When we first bought it, we used Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.  It was a $400 deductible and I can go see whomever I want. It was only about $100 a month. Eight years, turning 30, a car crash and a surgery later, it’s still only $240 a month. I have an 80/20 split with them once I hit my deductible, which I’ve now raised to $800 to insure a safety net, but to save some costs along the way. I don’t have a prescription plan, but I go to a downtown city clinic where, as long as they are prescribed in house, they are a fraction of the cost at the in-house pharmacy.

Worst comes to worst, I think musicians should carry catastrophic coverage. You just want to make sure that if someone crushes you in a car accident (Rob and I experienced this first hand), it won’t end your touring career.
People can feel free to e-mail me: heather@ilyaimy.com


Kurt Scobie (Atlanta, GA)
Health insurance is crazy! My wife and I are actually about to switch to a new provider. I strongly recommend using Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program. Dave ONLY endorses quality companies that find super competitive providers AND have the “heart of a teacher”. If there is anything you don’t understand about the coverage, the ELP is there to help you understand exactly what you are paying for.


JD Eicher (Youngstown, OH)
I’m lucky – I’m still young enough to be on my parents’ health insurance for a little while longer, and they’re being really cool about it. I do know that ASCAP (and probably BMI) offers a health insurance plan for members, and so I’ll probably look into that when I have to switch over.