Stage-it is innovation at its best – a simple, clever spin on live streaming, and an incredible way to engage your fans.


It’s essentially a platform that allows you to perform concerts for your fans over the Internet. They watch from the comfort of their couch and you perform from the comfort of yours. Too simple, right? Well, that’s why it works!  It took me a while to get onto the Stage-it bandwagon; but as more and more friends began to hold concerts, I finally decided to give it a try. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll love Stage-it as much as we do.


I was pretty skeptical about giving Stage-it a try. But even as someone who is on the road so much, there are so many cities I will never play in and so many fans who I’ll never have the opportunity to meet in person. The highlight of playing my Stage-it show was playing for fans who have wanted to attend a show for years but have never been close enough. Anyone can attend whether they live down the street from you or in another country.


Those two things go together pretty well. You don’t need much to host a Stage-it Concert – just a little time on your hands and 30-50 minutes worth of music. As long as you have a laptop with a camera and microphone, you’re good to go. You can also buy a USB microphone to capture better sound quality. I went this route and noticed a drastic difference in quality. Im certain it made for a better experience from the audience’s perspective.


The Stage-it Crew was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process. They began the communication by emailing and asking if they could call me to talk about doing a featured performance. Over the course of a few weeks, my contact stayed in touch with me and offered suggestions on how to setup my account and get the best return.  On the day of my show, I talked with a sound tech who walked me through a sound check and gave me feedback on how the audio sounded from his end. Super helpful because I had no idea what I was doing.


Statistically, for every 100 people you invite to an event on Facebook, only 2 people will actually come (somewhere in that ballpark).  People are lazy and busy and it’s becoming harder and harder to get fans (especially the ones who aren’t committed) to leave their house and make your live concert their top priority for any given night. Stage-it fixes that problem.

One of the things I noticed from my stage-it concert is that it peaked the interest of fans who have been disconnected from my music for years and fans who have never actually heard my music (only heard about it). It also excited the die-hard fans who already come out to my shows on a regular basis. Most people think, “Hey, it’s 30 minutes on a Sunday night. Hey why not!?


My favorite Stage-it feature was the chat forum. Fans asked my drummer and I questions during our set, engaged in conversations with each other, and requested songs on the spot.  I initially underestimated the power of the forum, but it was the glue that held the show together. People would leave comments about specific songs, ask when our next show was in their area, and ask each other questions.


You can either set a ticket price for your show or set a “Pay What You Want” price.  Fans paid as little at 10 cents and as much as $20…with the average person giving around $7-8.  Stage-it’s tipping feature also came into play as fans would donate additional money when they liked a specific song. The highest viewer ended up tipping $30.  FYI: Stage-it does take a cut.


Play the concert whenever you want. Midday, late night, early evening.  I recommend staying away from Fridays and Saturdays since people are more likely to be out and about. Sunday evenings are peak hours b/c most people are home after 8pm.  Sunday night was a perfect day for us.


Hands down, we had more fun with our stage-it concert than our other concerts that weekend. When you’re doing a Stage-it, pressure is low and there’s not much at stake. Its informality was the most appealing thing to me. We each played the concert in a pair of sweatpants, sat in the kitchen, and my drummer played percussion on pots and pans to keep with the theme! Viewers especially loved that and got to choose which kitchen bowls/pots we played on :)