1. Don’t send it too often

Doesn’t matter how great your newsletter is, if you’re sending one every week, people are going to delete it without opening it. The only thing worse than not having a fan, is losing one.

2. Give each paragraph a heading

Reading books is fun, but you’re newsletter is not a book. So chop it into sections. No need to overwhelm your fans with bulky paragraphs.

3. Use bullet points…or numbers…or whatever!

Alternatively  (or in addition to paragraph headings) you can use bullet points, numbers, or photos like we suggested in PART 1. Doesn’t really matter as long as you make it readable and digestable.

4. Keep it short

I fail miserably at this! But a newsletter that’s achieves its purpose is one that’s been read all the way through. Consider just sharing two significant pieces of information and a list of your upcoming show dates.  If you’ve got more to say, consider having a blog (Read: How To Create Good Blog Content For Your Website). Its a great place to write about what’s happening with your music as often as you want. And you can link to your blog posts from the Newsletter.

5. Use your reader’s first name

Most mailing list providers allow you to setup Mail Merging…which is a fancy schmancy way to personalize every email with your Recipient’s First name. Might not seem like a huge deal, but we’re told it makes a huge difference. If you think about it, it’s the difference between someone saying “Hey You” and “Hey John”. Who doesn’t like a personal touch?

6. Ask subscribers to forward your newsletter to their friends!

This is one of my favorite features! When you use a professional mailing list provider like YMLP or any of the others we’ve referenced in the past, you have the ability to include a forwarding option. Its a great way to help your fans help you. They can forward your tour schedule to friends in cities you’ll be hitting, or simply share important information. Here’s what it looks like.

7. Change it Up!

Find ways to keep it interesting. Keeping it too predictable is boring. Include videos on occasion, include fan photos. Change your newsletter header photo. But no matter what, keep it simple and readable.

8. Include Social Media!

Stick your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram icons in a very visible spot!  Part of the purpose of having a newsletter is converting your subscribers over to your social media accounts (Read: Mailing Lists & Social Media). After all, you’re only sending your newsletter once a month. Social media provides an opportunity for you to keep in contact with your fans daily.

9. Ask People to Book You

Your mailing list isnt just a way to inform your fans. Its a way for you to get gig! Ask your fans if they would like to book you for a house show. Ask your fans to keep you in mind when they hear about upcoming music events in their city. As your college fans to book your for their University events. Sometimes all your fans need is a little prompting.

10. Don’t disappear

Don’t fall off the map. Sending a newsletter every 6 months just doesn’t accomplish anything.  People lose interest…quickly. Your ultimate goal is to remain present in the minds of your fans while also avoiding flooding their inbox and blacklisting yourself. Don’t forget to Read PART 1 or offer any tips that you have.