Today’s post is simple and sweet. You could call it a rant or maybe just a bit of self realization, but we came across this post via New Jersey-based singer/songwriter, Jerzy Jung, who was processing some things with her fanbase over the internet last week. We think youll appreciate and identify with her thoughts!  Read, share, and process these words for yourself.


It’s not about doing well.

You can “do well” at checking your email, at taking out the recycling, at doing a million menial tasks at home and at work that don’t mean squat.

And at the end of the day you will be a champion at checking your email, taking out the recycling, and doing a million menial tasks at home and at work that don’t mean squat. 

I fall into that trap all the time. I start to get off on completing tasks that have nothing to do with what I truly want to be doing, because that hit of dopamine that comes from saying I “succeeded” can get pretty addicting. And before I know it, I’m spending extra time on tasks that don’t deserve my extended attention, because doing that feels better than going to an audition and risking rejection, trying to book a gig in a new area, and/or examining how my career is going under an unforgiving microscope and revamping the way I do things yet again because I’m still not where I want to be (but it’s my job to get there).

My ultimate goal involves success, but lately I’m thinking that my small goals every day should all involve feeling scared and unsure and sucky. But breathlessly, thrillingly sucky, because at least I had the balls to move, to act, and to do my part to create the momentum I want.

I would rather feel scared and unsure and sucky while making an effort to reach my crazy goals than feel accomplished because I did the same old safe thing that will get me absolutely nowhere.

Anybody else?

Jerzy Jung