So You Want to Write a Guest Post?

We love guest posts! We get emails every week from writers who want us to post something they’ve written. Unfortunately not many of those submissions make it on to Grassrootsy for a number of reason. So we’ve created this page to help you understand what kind of material we’re looking for.

Submissions must be…

  1. Reader Focused: We’re looking for articles that are reader focused. In other words, this blog is not about you, or your life story, or why we should all be interested in you. We like submitted articles that genuinely aim to help our readers better promote their art.  So please refrain from blatant self-promotion. Please do not sound like a salesman. And please don’t hyperlink every other sentence to your band`s website…or your product website…or your company website. We will not use your post. We, are a marketing blog however, so we will definitely include links to the site(s) of all our guest writers (usually in the byline) and bring them a new audience. We promise!
  2. Digestable: Grassrootsy prides itself on writing for the layman. People visit our blogs b/c our posts are easy to understand and easy to get through. Bulleted/headlined posts and articles that aren’t incredibly long get more feedback and more traffic. Blogs that use tons of big words and jargon that only .0001% of the population is familiar with, do not get used.
  3. Well Informed: We DO NOT like factual posts and rarely use them. We like experiential posts – ones written from first-hand experience and with relateable ideas so that we know the writer knows what he/she is talking about. Grassrootsy is for working musicians, so if your post doesn’t appeal to that demographic, we probably won’t use it. In other words, don’t tell us about how many millions of people use Facebook and what percentage of those are musicians. Tell us how to creatively use our Facebook accounts to further our careers.
  4. Good grammar and spelling are a huge plus.

Thanks for caring enough to read the guidelines.
All submissions can be sent to